MSP Case Studies and PSA Case Studies

Exceptional Technology Solutions (ETS)

ETS Case Study

"packetTrap RMM is incredibly versatile and gives us the ability to look at each customer as an individual, not just another account.”
— Tony DeGonia, vice president & general manager of ETS

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Axios Information Technologies

packetTrap RMM Case Study

"I ended my search for a RMM tool once i depoloyed packetTrap. The solution is easy to use and intuitive."
-Wade Kirkham, President, Axios Information Technologies

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Beyond Computers Incorporated

PKTcasestudy BCI web Page 1"The monitoring capabilities solve our number one goal - knowing about a problem and solving it before the client even realizes."
-Steven Jones, Chief Technician, Beyond Computers Inc.

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Central Valley Networks

PKTcasestudy CVN web Page 1"packetTrap RMM made managed services simple, from day one, with its out-of-the-box capabilities."
-Matt Peredes, President, Central Valley Networks

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External Technology Services (ETS)

PKTcasestudy ETS web Page 1"packetTrap has enabled us to take that time down from 30 days to 2-3 days for complete asset inventories on a large-scale network"
-Tony DeGonia, Vice President and General Manager of ETS

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NS. Baumsteiger Consulting

PKTcasestudy nsb web Page 1

"If the client doesn't even know that there is a problem, that to me is worth every penny invested in packetTrap" -Nate Baumsteiger, Principal, NS. Baumsteiger Consulting

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